Monday, July 6, 2009


Redbush is heading to a reunion for a week, or two, so will be taking a break from blogland.  She hates missing out on all the hot topics, and the great blogs that she has been reading.  She hopes you all have a wonderful July, and she'll be back either at the end of July, or in August sometime. She's wishing you all a wonderful summer!  She will leave you with a photo from her wagon that she wishes to do a painting of in the near future.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blue-Ribbon Bonzi!

Redbush entered Bonzi in a Rally Obedience competition on the weekend.  Their team won three blue ribbons.  One of the trials gave Bonzi a second out of 8 dogs.  Bonzi now has moved up to the next level, and has won a leg(one out of three) in the advanced level.  It made Redbush proud of how well Bonzi worked even though she was a nervous wreck and of course he could feel it.   She is taking him to a seminar this weekend, and is hoping the judge will have some suggestions for her on things that she is trying to work on with him as well as how to get Redbush to relax more for these trials!  She has posted a picture of him reluctantly holding his prizes.  She hopes you have a great weekend!