Friday, April 1, 2011

Yeah, Spring!

Redbush has been doing the odd job on her acreage and hasn't been able to muster up a blog for lack of imagination.  She is happy that it looks like spring has sprung, although she knows in her country not to count her chickens!  Along with spring comes the once- a- year local contest that she said she wasn't entering, but, has decided to, if not for anything, just for exposure.  She told most of her friends that she probably wasn't entering, but, after looking at her painting everyday hanging in her diningroom, the urge to enter struck her.  Accompanying spring also comes dusting etc. and to sum it up, spring cleaning.  She hasn't got up the ambition to do much of either, maybe one day.    Almost every spring, Redbush has a visit from Bruce the moose.  He enjoys nibbling on the new buds on the family's willow trees when he isn't using Redbush's pickup for a salt lick.  Redbush hopes you are able to pick him up in one of her photos that she has posted.   She will share some of her spring photos, and, of course, photos of her buddies enjoying their latest time in a hotel room.   She had taken them to a competition, and this was their down time.  She hopes that everyone is having a great start to spring!