Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Out Of His Element!

Bonze spent the last two months of 2009 (off and on) in the big city, in between travelling back home to check on their place again. Redbush's brother and sister-in-law spoiled him royally, letting him wander the house at will, and finding him occasionally curled up on one of the beds when he thought noone would notice, or catch him. This photo was taken at Christmas when their place had four dogs wandering in the house, and asking in and out their patio door to chase each other in the backyard and romp in the snow. Being as Bonzi really isn't a city boy, he is seen here out of his element posing with the others for a photo while they wait to let their feet dry off on the blue jean quilt I made Bonzi. He became quite good buds with all of them, but, especially the labradoodle.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Missed You!

Redbush has missed everyone since her computer crashed! She has had a number of family issues to deal with including losing her brother-in-law to cancer. It was a terrible shock to her sister's family and to Redbush as it happened in such a short span of time. She and her family remembers the good times they had this past summer camping and fishing with him. On top of this, Redbush has been dealing with other family members' health problems. She hopes that 2010 will bring her a lot of good news even though she realizes that in her situation things could always have been worse. She hopes that this blog sees everyone in good health and happiness in their families. On a brighter note Redbush is adopting a dog to replace (nothing ever will) Bonzerelli. He will be Redbush's third wire-fox. She is going to be able to pick him up at the end of March. Bonzi has really been out of sorts and lonely since Bonzerelli left his life. She now has the job of deciding on an appropriate name for him. One name sounds right one day, and other names have a better ring to them the next. Any ideas? Redbush will leave you with a photo of a piece that she worked on for her last art show. Happy 2010 to everyone, and hope you have a wonderful weekend!