Thursday, March 25, 2010

Betting On Bonzi!

Redbush and Bonzi are heading to a rally competition. Redbush knows that Bonzi will do well, but her nerves always throw him off. She is attempting to be more calm. Before she left, she has been working on a dog bed for Bonzi and his new brother. The bed is made mainly out of Mr. Redbush's old blue jeans' seats. She worked on this bed laboriously for days! Although it looks simple, Redbush is not a seamstress, so, don't look too closely. After sniffing it twice Bonzi decided that it would work for him. He better! She is picking up his new brother, the same breed as Bonzerelli, this weekend. She is hoping that Bonzi and he will bond like Bonzerelli and he did. She will post pictures of the new member of the family on the next post. She won't be back on the blog until late next week. She will be busy seeing how the new member adjusts, and how Redbush and family adjust to their new lifestyle! She hopes all of you have a great rest of the week and weekend!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Redbush and family have been going out on the lease while the Reno guy has been working on her floors. The days have been filled with sunshine, so, Bonzi has been taking advantage of the sunlight chasing the squirrels and basking in the sun and occasionally just relaxing in the snow. She can't believe what beautiful weather they have been having since about the end of January! The weather man says that we have had the warmest and driest winter since 1948! Her family enjoys building a fire and roasting a smokie when they take a jaunt out back, and it gives Bonzi exercise. Somehow lunch just tastes better when it is cooked outdoors. Because of all the renovations, Redbush hasn't been on the computer much. She has been trying to stay out of the Reno guy's hair so that he can get the job done soon. She hopes everyone had a great week and an even more super weekend!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

Redbush has been noticing yellowing on her white floor in particular spots. No it's not dog pee, nor does she have a cat! This has been taking place gradually for the past 10 years. She had a brain wave that she should have the white lino in the kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms replaced with ceramic tiles. When the lino was lifted, she now knows why the flooring company would not send their rep out even though she asked them several times. The excuses were: "The rep won't be in for a month, or, "Oh, sorry, I forgot," or just plain ignoring her and saying the rep hadn't come yet. She finds that she probably could have written the company that made the lino and possibly gotten some kind of results. When the tilers came to tear up the lino they found that the flooring company had done a shabby job on the lino, so that's probably why they would not send out a rep. But, after seeing what it entails to put down ceramic tiles, she wonders if it will all be worth it. Her entire living room, and bedrooms are in a shambles! That's where all the furniture had to be moved to, oh and some of it on the deck outside all tarped in. Maybe she shouldn't have been keeping everything for the last 30 years! She needs to do a garage sale! She won't be renovating for a long while after this! She hopes all of you are having a great week!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Water Falls With A Story

Redbush was so elated from Hilary's nomination last week for post of the week that she hasn't come down yet! She thought she would share another photo and painting of a falls that she and her family have visited on a number of occasions. The falls is some 120 miles south of where Redbush lives. Each time that they visited, of course, she took pictures for memories, and mostly for references to be used in her artworks. Redbush is always in awe of the gorgeous water and how different the falls look in the various ways that the sun reflects on it at the number of times that they have been there. In this photo you will notice that Redbush was lucky enough to capture a rainbow scene. She left it out in her painting as it was too much of a challenge at the time. Depending on the year, the falls have a fuller, or lesser amount of water pouring over. She has painted this falls three times for different shows, and as commissions for people. This time, with the painting she is showing you, she was inspired to paint a 24"x36" of the falls on a thicker canvas, painting over the edges so that the picture had its own frame. It was an artwork done for her brother and his wife as a Christmas gift as a thanks to them because her hubby stayed at their place during his treatments. She really had to cram as she had other paintings on the go at the same time. What a fool!
Redbush would, however, like to share a darker side to the falls (if the falls could talk) story. Years ago, a man drove his pickup down the river as far as the rock that juts
out into the river you see on the right side of the picture. He decided to get out of
his pickup to get a better view of the rushing water.
The rock, however, was slippery! You guessed it. He went in and was never seen again. A week later the "Fish And Wildlife Department" shot a bear and threw it into the falls to see if the bear would surface, but, it never did either. Redbush hasn't really looked at her favourite water scene the same since, but, she can't blame nature for humans' stupidity. She hopes you enjoy her photo and art piece and that you are having a happy and healthy beginning to the month of March!