Sunday, May 22, 2011


Redbush has been busy in the last month working in her yard, preparing for art shows, and just basically being lazy, but, waiting for spring to arrive.  Along with spring, she finds, the weeds never disappear, but, only multiply, so, it's an ongoing job trying to rid her gardens of them.  She should learn not to have so many gardens!  Mr. Redbush wishes this as well.    Her family have been planting the garden, and getting her flower beds ready for bedding plants.  In the meantime, she has also been working on small paintings for an art show that her club had at the local cultural centre.  She has also been taking Beatle to classes at the dog kennel in town.  He is finding it much more interesting to be there because of all the other dogs, however, he likes it, probably maily because of his home made liver treats.  Redbush hasn't been taking Bonzi as he is finding it pretty difficult because of all his medications that he is on.  He still likes to practise in the yard, and get liver treats too.  Redbush will share a few photos of her artworks, and hopes that you are all having a great spring!