Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Early Christmas

Redbush hasn't been blogging for quite some time, but, thought she should share her early Christmas with you.  Her fox terrier has decided that any packages under the tree are fair game whether they are his or not.  Perhaps it could be that Redbush and Mr. Redbush haven't had as much time for him lately. It also could just be that he didn't detect any packages for him or his german shepherd brother.  But, then, maybe it could just be that Redbush let him open his packages last year, and he thought that it was  about time that he got a new present seeing as he didn't get one since last year.  Redbush has learned that she now cannot put any new packages for Beatle under the tree until she is ready for him to open it.    Packaging just does not mask the smells of any new toys.  Redbush and Mr. Redbush hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Heralding Her Harvest

Redbush is profusely appologizing for her lack of blogs this past year.  She has been involved with her acreage, training her dogs, and gardening.  This year's summer seemed to produce her vegetables better than ever, so, she thought she would send you some captions of what she harvested for some of her dishes.  She wonders if any of you plant purple potatoes.  Some of her friends find them too purply for their liking.  Redbush hopes to keep up more with her blog site as she enjoys hearing from you.  She hopes all of you had a great spring and summer and now cheers to a perfect winter with warm temperatures and little snow.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blog Time Finally!

Redbush hasn't been doing any blogging.   It seemed like one day ran into another and here she is 5 months later.  She has been occupied doing most everything, and on most days, just being lazy.  She feels that she is missing a lot of the news, opinions, and her blog friendships.  Here's hoping that she can keep a little more up with the blog world.  Redbush and family certainly haven't missed having a break from the snowfall lately as she and Mr. Redbush are sick of shovelling the white stuff.  Fonzi and Beatle are keeping the household and yard in tow, Fonzi enjoying the huge snowdrifts much more than Beatle who gets totally immersed when striking across where no path has been made.  The Redbush family have been frequented by a few cow moose and their calves as well as deer.  The theory is that they are coming for the feed in her yard, mainly willow trees for the moose, and bird feed dropped by the birds for the deer.  Fonzi had a face-to-face with a cow moose, and is lucky to still be here to bark about it.   Consequently, when Redbush ventures out to walk the two of them, she first has to check the yard with her million candle power flashlight to see if they have entered her yard for the night.  She has posted  some pictures of her last 5 months, but, notices the first one shows Fonzi when he was but a babe - OOPS!   She hopes that she can keep up with her blogging, and wishes everyone a happy 2013.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Spring Visitor

Redbush has been delinquent about her blogs for the past several months.  Spring and summer have been busy (lazy) for her, but she knows that all of you have been just as busy if not busier.  At any rate, she hopes you are all having a lovely summer so far.  This little visitor to Redbush's deck has been frequent.  He, or she has been the only one that Redbush knows of having his dinner, or breakfast regularly.  He is usually an early morning riser, and Redbush doesn't always see him although she sees that his sugar water keeps diminishing by the day.  Mr. Redbush changes his mixture every other day for fear of ants and bugs infiltrating the container.  He seems quite relaxed to feed while often being watched through the deck window.  Redbush hopes you are all enjoying the wonderful summer months.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lovin' It!

The weather in Redbush's world has been absolutely balmy and phenomenal!  She and her family are lovin' it!  They are also celebrating the fact that they have some wood for next winter inspired by the neighbour  and her husband.  Redbush has been chopping, and piling, chopping and piling, until her biceps, or should she say the absence of, have been feeling the pain.  Actually she is realizing pain in her lower calves as well.  She didn't figure she had actually used those muscles.  This pain comes in spite of the fact that Redbush really does attempt to do the treadmill and some various other dreaded exercises most mornings.  Her buddies Beatle and Fonzi are the supervisors of the wood chopping and piling events, so, you know how much they contribute.  She is lovin' the fact that the original woodpile is now a chopped pile, until of course they get more.  She hopes the latter isn't for a while.  Redbush has added some photos of the above as well as a  valentine painting for you.  She wishes all her bloggers a belated Happy Valentines Day!  

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year Wishes

Redbush and family are experiencing the best winter weather they have had since they can remember.  The weather has been above normal temps for at least over a month.  They don't have much snow, either, so that's a bonus.  Her new family arrival Fonzi can enjoy himself in this fine weather without freezing his little mitts off.   The birds in Redbush's yard are enjoying their feast of sunflower seeds, and bird fat balls, or suet as some people call it.  The holidays have let Redbush eat herself into oblivion, but, she has no New Year resolutions because she finds that she never follows through with them anyway, so, why set herself up for failure again?  She is hoping that the weather lasts a lot longer to make winter that much shorter.      No, she doesn't miss having a lot of snow, either.  Her wish for all of you is to have a happy and healthy 2012.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Beatle's New Buddy

Redbush and family acquired  a new arrival in the past week.  Beatle found himself wondering when we were going to take him back.  He's now accepted that Fonzi is probably here to stay.  Redbush and Mr. Redbush   have had to discipline Beatle for acting the dominant role.   Beatle is now down to taking him down only 3 time a day instead of 8.  He is learning that spending most of his life in his kennel isn't as much fun as tugging on his martin with him, and much more fun than having Redbush tug on it with him.  Beatle doesn't realize that Fonzi is growing quickly and retaliation will come just as fast.   Redbush has sent you some pictures she has taken of the two, and some Christmas cards that she painted recently for you.     She wishes you all a very Merry Christmas, and all the best in 2012!