Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Buddy

Redbush's summer has been a busy one.  She and her hubby started out cleaning up her parents' estate land which took a piece out of July.  It seemed that July flew by.  Meeting  with sisters and brothers was great.  Redbush found that with estate business, including selling of land, moving machinery, etc., August came to fast, and by mid- August, she wondered where all the time had gone.  Redbush and family have had a tough end to the summer.  They had to put their little buddy Bonzerelli down on August 12th  due to him starting to experience  liver failure and some tumors. It was the toughest thing they have had to do, but, they knew that they couldn't put him through a lot of suffering and pain.   Their house is like an empty tunnel without him, and Bonzi who comes in on the mat is still not himself as he continues to still look for him at times.  At the same time Redbush's family has been handed a health problem that her family wasn't expecting.  But, the doctor says with treatments,  Mr. Redbush should be fine, so, that's good news.   Her sister's husband has been as of a few days ago, however, diagnosed with a very serious diagnosis, so, Redbush knows that the beginning of fall is going to be a tough one because she's not good with knowing how to handle these types of traumatic situations.  She has really been dragging her heels on blogging because all her time and emotions has been taken in knowing how to deal with these last two situations lately.   She hopes all of you have  had a much happier, and healthier summer.  She will try to have a much more cheerful blog the next time.   She will leave you with a photo of Bonzi and Bonzerelli.  

Monday, July 6, 2009


Redbush is heading to a reunion for a week, or two, so will be taking a break from blogland.  She hates missing out on all the hot topics, and the great blogs that she has been reading.  She hopes you all have a wonderful July, and she'll be back either at the end of July, or in August sometime. She's wishing you all a wonderful summer!  She will leave you with a photo from her wagon that she wishes to do a painting of in the near future.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blue-Ribbon Bonzi!

Redbush entered Bonzi in a Rally Obedience competition on the weekend.  Their team won three blue ribbons.  One of the trials gave Bonzi a second out of 8 dogs.  Bonzi now has moved up to the next level, and has won a leg(one out of three) in the advanced level.  It made Redbush proud of how well Bonzi worked even though she was a nervous wreck and of course he could feel it.   She is taking him to a seminar this weekend, and is hoping the judge will have some suggestions for her on things that she is trying to work on with him as well as how to get Redbush to relax more for these trials!  She has posted a picture of him reluctantly holding his prizes.  She hopes you have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Perennials

Redbush picked out some new perennials at her local nurseries to be planted in her flowerbeds.  After planting them, she couldn't tell what the names of some of the plants were.   She will share a few pictures of some that she thinks she knows the names of.  The first picture is "lamium" -supposedly a deer-proof plant, and the next pictures are "bitterroot."  Bitterroot is  apparently the official state flower of Montana, and it is illegal to did plants from the wild there.  She only found this out after she researched the plant.  It apparently goes dormant after flowering, and will totally disappear from the garden, so she will have to mark their spot so they don't get weeded out!   It is considered a collector's plant.  Redbush didn't plant these for any of the above reasons.  She only planted them because they are supposed to be shorter plants, are good ground covers and have nice blooms.  She hopes that she has luck with them coming up every year. Redbush and Bonzi are off to another obedience competition this weekend.  Wish them luck!  She won't be back until next week.  She hopes you have a great weekend!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Antiques Restored

Redbush had the community museum  view and rescue some of the antiques to be represented  in memory of her parents and grandparents.  The following buggy and democrat were built in the late 1800's.  She is posting before and after pictures of both items.   She hopes you enjoy the changes and are having a great Monday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Good Advice!

 Redbush posted photos of her frozen tomato plants on her last blog.  Look what good advice from her blogger friends did for Redbush's frozen tomato plants! 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Precious Plants

As Redbush is a plant fanatic, she will share some photos of plants that she believes she has saved from frost damage, and some that don't look like they're going to make it.  As she said in a previous blog, she has been getting up at ungodly hours in the middle of the night to water them so the frost wouldn't damage them.  Most of her hundreds of plants seem to have survived, however some tomato plants, some dahlias and marigolds didn't do so well.  Do you think she should let those tomatoes grow, and that they may still do something, or should she just count them amongst the other dead plants? What's your opinion?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weather-Water Watch Woes

Redbush apologizes once more for not being in the blogworld in the past few days!  She has been experiencing weather woes, and water woes.  She has had her bedding plants out now for some three weeks, or so, and it seems ever since then, she has been experiencing freezing temperatures.  To save her bedding plants, (some $500. worth) she has been getting up to water the plants around 3:00 a.m. (yawn,yawn)  Bonzi gives her the, "Are you nuts, or do you just have your times mixed up?  It's bedtime yet?'-look.  She has had to do this regularly for the past 7 days, and has managed to save most of her plants, but, have lost some of her cucumber, tomato, and marigold plants.  Damn weather!  Summer will be over before we know it!   Redbush and family have also been experiencing well water problems.  The company came to put in a pressure tank to see if that might save them from having to drill another well.  The tanks worked well until this morning.  Redbush just happened to be downstairs in the vicinity of where the tank is located when she thought she heard loud water rushing.  She ambled into the laundry room where the tank is located and saw water gushing everywhere from one of the connections which had burst!  The tank holds 180 gallons of water.  She raced out the basement garage door screaming Mr. Redbush's name. He came running from way out on the acreage as he was watering the garden, yelling at  her to turn off the well. Needless to say, Redbush had to do a lot of soaking up water with towels while Mr. Redbush ran out to get the sump pump to hook it up so that it would pump outside, not all over the downstairs rug.   A man from the water-well company came back to fix the connections, and am sure was happy that Redbush had caught it before 180 gallons  soaked the entire downstairs area!  She hopes that the saying, "Things happen in threes" is true because she lost her watch somewhere in town on Friday.  She knows where she lost it, but the manager won't be there until Wed. and it may be locked up in her office.  It will all depend on whether the janitor was honest enough to turn it in.  Redbush hasn't had much luck lately, so, isn't holding her breath.   She knew she should have gotten that clasp fixed!    She knows things could be worse, but, hopes this is the end of her bad luck!   She hopes you are all having better luck than she is.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bonzi's Bathing Blues

Bonzi loves his baths.  In the summer, Redbush takes him out on her lawn, and uses  numerous pails of water to bathe him while he enjoys being lathered with soap, then scrubbed, in between intervals of  soaking Redbush whenever he can sneak in a huge shake.  She will video this summer bathing episode when she gets a chance.  Redbush has another video of Bonzi's bath at the local "Suds and Tubs" last winter.  He usually sings in this case.  We're not sure whether he enjoys it, or whether he's hating the metal under his feet, or just because he's getting sprayed in choice areas.  Hope you can see and  enjoy the video!  Have a great rest of the week! 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Well?-Robins' New Home

In the past week, Redbush has been busy preparing her yard for Mr. Redbush's birthday party on the weekend.  She had to do the much needed trimming, grass cutting, and weeding.  On Friday when she thought she had the major part of the preparing done, her water well ceased to produce water.  Her dilemma now was, should she cancel the party, or carry on letting everyone use the bathroom in her holiday trailer, or the bush behind her acreage!  The water well people said that they couldn't come to have a look at things until the morning of the party.  After being told that it definitely wasn't the pump, the scenario about having to drill another well devastated  Redbush and Mr. Redbush.  They had just gotten done getting a huge bill for the  siding being redone on their house.  It wasn't going to be a very cheerful birthday party on the Redbushs' family's behalf.  Upon checking more closely the well man told the Redbushs that they only needed a new pressure switch.  Wheeeeeeew!  What a relief!  Hopefully the bill for repairing the switch will be minimal compared to a new well!  Redbush and Mr. Redbush wouldn't smell afterall!     The party went on as planned, and although the winds were in gail-force, she believes everyone had a good time eating a meal Redbush had prepared,drinking their favorite beverage (beer), and playing hillbilly golf.  On a different subject, two  weeks or so ago, Redbush noticed that eggs had been scattered on the ground from a robin's nest near one of her spruce trees.  A week later, she noticed that probably the same robins started constructing a nest under the eve of her shed.  Redbush has a tomato hotbed on the ground below, and lately the robins have become very upset at her when she attempts to water her hotbed.  Today it seems Ms. Robin has become used to Redbush and Bonzi wandering around beneath her nest and has stayed put sitting on, and  guarding her eggs.  Redbush is apologizing for not dropping by on the blog world in the past while.  She has posted a few pictures of the robins' family's new home.  She hopes everyone has a great weather week!   

Monday, May 25, 2009

Washtubs With Memories

Redbush has finally been able to plant her bedding plants which have been carried in and out of the garage for the past two weeks.  It has now become warm enough to plant them even though the ground is still cool.  The weather has been scaring Redbush since she put them out because the temperatures have been at 0 degrees for the past three mornings.  This a.m. at 4:30,  Redbush looked at the thermometer and panicked because it was at 0 degrees, so she went out and watered all her plants that she planted.   Not a creature was stirring, but, Bonzi! The washtubs that she has posted pictures of are tubs that she used to bathe in when she was a child.   Oh, drat, she is dating herself!  She remembers bathing, then when done, huddling around the wood stove to keep warm, and  dry off with towels.   Now she has put the tubs  to another use, but, the memories linger.   She hopes you have a wonderful sunny Monday!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Snow Haven

Although Redbush hasn't appreciated the cool weather in the past few days, she can't say the same for Bonzi.  He, on the other hand was quite happy to snorkel in the snow, roll in it, eat snow,and  catch all the shovelfuls he could while Mr. Redbush shoveled off the steps, and deck.   Redbush is happy that today is much warmer at a temperature of + 13, but, she knows Bonzi will miss it!   Here are a few pictures of Bonzi basking in the sun after a few hundred ball throws. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pretty Thripin' Petunias!

Redbush wonders if this cold weather is ever going to end.  Today's temperatures even make her bulbs shutter!  This a.m., it was -3 degrees.  She  longs for the day when she can put out her bedding plants that she keeps putting back in the garage at night, then again putting them out in the morning.  Oh, yes, they have already become hardened to the weather, she is sure!  This year for the first time, she didn't buy one of her favorite flowers to plant, - petunias.  Everyone that she talks to has this flower as one of their staples in their pots with gorgeous blooms that reach for a width of about three feet in diameter.  One of her best  friends, a rancher's wife always makes her jealous with her beautiful petunia pots that last from early summer to late in the fall.  When Redbush tries to grow them, they last for the first few weeks, then the blooms start to droop and other buds won't bloom, just shrivel up and die.  A terrible bug called thrips have attacked her petunias for the past five years, or so, thus she has decided to stop growing this flower.  (Sniff, cry, sniff!)  The bugs go into the flower of the plant, and suck all the nectar out.  Then, what you're left with is a drooping bloom, brown undergrowth and leaves, and a slimy film on all the buds, and flowers which then end up dying.  She has tried every control substance-chemical possible that has been recommended by gardening places, and gardening friends.  She has even tried to make a concoction of cigarette butts  and about 12 other interesting ingredients that she had a  friend who majored in biology gave her a recipe for.    That didn't kill them either, but the stench just about killed Redbush, so she gave up that idea!  These tiny black bugs which are about the size of an aphid are also hard to get rid of because they fly.  She hopes you don't have these bugs in your area.  She is going to miss trying to grow them again this year, but, she won't miss the heartache when she tries to save the plants to no avail again!  She hopes you have a wonderful Monday, and a relaxing Victoria Day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Holy Hell, It's Hailing!

Redbush arrived home from checking out the estate land.  She had just bought more plants to be put in when the weather got warmer.  The temperatures are still around + 4 degrees!  She hadn't been home very long when she looked out and saw the hail coming down in torrents!  She should have gotten pictures of it, but, neglected to do so.  Luckily she had put her plants in the garage.  The hail wasn't very big, but, it probably would have done some damage.  She still hasn't planted her garden, and won't be able to until it dries some so that it can be rotivated.   The good thing about the hail is when it melted this morning, it gave us more water collected for our plants.  She hopes you all have a sunny weekend.   

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You're Fired!

Redbush hasn't been blogging too much lately as she has spent the last week weeding and preparing the gardens for planting, then complaining about her aching body after.  Yesterday, Redbush and Mr. Redbush spent the day digging up wicked weeds in the garden, namely quack grass.  If you don't have this weed, consider yourself lucky.  They have roots some 2 feet long and longer!  As you dig, if you break any of the root off, or, even if you leave some of the root hairs, these weeds relish, and celebrate as they produce thousands of more plants.  Redbush knows if you don't dig them up, that the rotivator will only spread the damage across the planting area.  As Redbush and Mr. Redbush dug and pulled these dreaded plants, they wished that they could harness some of Bonzi's energy, changing it from squirrel chasing, and snooping for varmints to weed-digging!  After his prolific squirrel-chasing episodes, he leads a life of relaxation, so, Redbush fired him!  But, she knows that his come-back would be, " Well you've banned me from the garden, don't you remember, the last time I made crazy round and around trips in the fresh dirt, racing a hundred miles an hour."  With the change in today's temperatures, he is now lounging on the mat in the house, resting from yesterday's activities.  Ah,  the life of riley!  Redbush is wishing she had some of his agile muscles as she feels her aching back today!  She has posted some pictures of Bonzi yesterday, and the change in weather today from yesterday's +20 temperatures to -0 degees today.  Oh, she's so glad she didn't buy any bedding plants yet!  She hopes you are all basking in the sun in your world!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That's Progress!

Redbush and family decided to take a drive out south where they have camped in the past to see if they could find any birch wood for their fireplace in the winter.  When they saw where they used to camp, they were a little devastated.  It didn't look at all like it did before.  Redbush found that the area had been logged out, and could find no  trace of her favorite camping spot.   Redbush and family have to see if they can find other places to camp in the wild, but, it is becoming less and less scarce.   On their way back, they stopped at the river for a picnic with Bonzi and Bonzerelli.  They had a good snooping time!   She hopes you have a wonderful day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Winning Second Thrice; Perennials

It's a beautiful spring day in Redbush's world.   Except for a bitterly cool wind, the weather would be perfect.  Last week Redbush went to a gala for her artwork entry, and won second for the third year in a row.  She wishes it could have been first this time, but knows that second is definitely a good win!  She is going to attempt to post a picture again of the painting, as she lost the last one someplace in her photo file!  Yesterday, she buried some water hoses in her flower beds, and today has to try to finish the process along with cleaning all the leaves off her perennial beds.  The neighbors have some huge Russian poplars located close to her acreage fence.  She is sure none of the leaves, or branches end up in their yard because Redbush's yard is full of them.  She has now spent three days raking and hauling leaves away to the compost.  Another day won't make much difference. Good exercise, but, oh, her aching back!  Redbush has been looking at perennial books to see what plants might be a good addition to her beds.  She has been considering the following plants:
pinks, bitterroot, rockcress, saxifrage, sea thrift, stonecrop, phlox( garden, and Douglas) tickseed, campion, yarrow,  and verbena.  If any of you have any special knowledge of any of these plants, or hints, please feel free to help Redbush out.  She hopes you have a wonderful sunny day! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Contest Jitters

  The weather in Redbush's world is a gorgeous, sunny, spring day.  She hopes everything else today will follow suit with that!   Redbush is heading into a gala tonight, the contest in which her artwork was entered.  She was given a phone call that she was one of the finalists again this year, and was asked if she would attend.  In the past few years she has won second place, so this year she has her fingers crossed, and she's going for the win, of course!  A little greedy, she knows, but, she can't help but wish  for it!  She has posted the painting again that she posted on one of her other blogs.   Oops!  She has found that the painting disappeared into blogland somewhere and is no longer in her picture file, but she will take another one at the gala!  She wishes she was a computer geek!  Redbush hopes the rest of her day doesn't go like this!  She hopes all of you are enjoying a beautiful spring day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Transplanting Tulips

The weather in Redbush's world continues to be in the miserable department.  I'ts been snowing now for the past three days, and is becoming a depressing scenario.  She promises not to bring this up a lot in the future because she's sure you are all sick of hearing the same rant over and over!  
Redbush wonders if you have any tips for her in transplanting a tulip pot that has quit blooming.  She wants to put it out in her perennial bed, and wonders if there is anything special that she should do with it before she transplants it.  She knows that the best time to plant the bulbs is in the fall, but, this happens to be spring, and she wanted to save them.  She had shown you a picture a week, or two ago that showed them blooming. Right now the ground is frozen, so, she knows she won't be able to put them in the ground for probably weeks yet.  She is afraid to clean the perennial beds  from all the dead growth because she is afraid that the bulbs that are peaking through will freeze back and die.   She hopes she hasn't bored you too much with this.  Thanks in advance for your expert opinions.   She has posted pictures of what some of her trees looked like in the past few days, and a photo of her tulip pot. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Global Warming- Not Today!

The birds in Redbush's world must wonder why they migrated back so soon!  It's gone from +21 degrees in the last few days to -1 yesterday, and +3 today.  The sun is shining, though, so maybe the birds have some hope.  Redbush really wanted to do some cleaning up of her many flower beds, and pots, but, will have to wait until it warms up a bit.  She will have to resort to doing her dreaded house cleaning instead.  Jeeeesh!  She has noticed a lot of juncos on her feeders this a.m., so, they must enjoy the weather, or are just hardy birds.  She will share a few pictures of what it looked like yesterday evening in her yard.  She hopes you have an enjoyable sunny, warm, toasty day with flowers blooming your area!   

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hardships Endured

Redbush  wishes to share a part of her heritage with you.  She is the youngest of a large family.  Her father helped his father who was a gardener for a baron's palace in Russia.  At a young age of 17, he escaped from Russia before the revolution in 1917.   Redbush knows that it sounds like she's a dinosaur, but, she really isn't thaaaaat old.  Her father was nearly 17 years older than her mother who was married at the age of 15.  Her father had heard about the golden opportunities in Canada, so, leaving his family of 10 behind never to see most of his family again.  He and a few friends left to make their fortune in the land of milk and honey.  
Crossing over overseas on a ship, he contacted smallpox.  Overcoming this serious disease, he landed in Eastern Canada where a gang of industrialists forced him and other immigrants to work in a forest up  north.  Here, his designated job was to set up dynamite under rocks.  They had to grease their faces with motor grease to keep  thick  hordes of black flies from attacking their faces.  Exhausted they would then try to sleep in quarters infested with lice and cockroaches.  Redbush's father would have to take his clothes regularly to the river, build a fire, and boil them to try to kill the nasty insects.  One night after realizing that these conditions were much worse than where he came from, the boys ran away one night, catching a train to central Canada.  Her father soon found work on the railroad.   After this, he hauled groceries to camps in western Canada with his sleigh piled high with flour, salt pork, and other camp needs crossing major rivers with his hard-working mules.  He continued this job until on one of his last trips, his load broke through the ice losing everything except the mules, sleigh and himself.  Having no more nerve for this job, he then walked 500 miles, stopping at trappers cabins and camps along the way for food and rest.  He headed for the big city where he bought some machinery, horses, and two sleighs.  He worked   He and companions that he knew then filed homesteads quite close together.  They made several grueling 300 mile trips one-way back to the big city that winter hauling machinery, groceries, and even a case of whiskey.  The three of them lived in a companions small shack until he started selling their groceries to the Indians.  
Redbush's father and a friend filed homesteads close together.  He then walked back to the big city with his friend to buy a Percheron mare and a draywagon to haul all their needs back.  They forded creeks until they came to a large river where an Indian helped them cross.  The horse was too afraid to cross, so they coaxed her into the canoe with some oats.  (Remember, a Percheron is a huge work horse.)  She stood so quietly that it surprised them at how well she behaved  while the old Indian paddled them across.  They encountered muskeg where they had to lead the horse, and push the wagon wheels by hand to get it across.  
After this, when they arrived, Redbush's father built his house on the homestead out of jackpine logs, and a roof covered with sod.  He cleared some land by hand with an axe, and seeded a field of oats.  He and his friends threshed the crop with flailing sticks.   He then built a barn with double walls filled with straw along with a roof of rails and straw.  Her father had to get his mail six miles away from his homestead.  One Sunday he ventured out on his trek to get the mail only to discover that there was no mail given out on Sundays.  
When Redbush reflects on all the hardships her father endured, she wishes she would have listened to more of his stories as a child.  She knows that a lot of us would have a hard time not giving up in a lot of the situations that they were in, but realizes that they had no choice.  Redbush knows that today, there are a lot of difficulties  that challenge us, and many times we tend to  give up too easily instead of trying to solve them, or endure them.   She hopes she didn't bore you too badly and that you all have a wonderful day!           

Friday, April 17, 2009

More Spring Art References

Yesterday was a very beautiful spring day in Redbush's world, so, she decided to go out to the lease and get more camera shots for potential use in her artworks.  The weather was calm, and the temperatures were such that she hardly needed a coat.  She also saw a whole group of trumpeter swans, 15 in fact, fly over her house, but couldn't capture the picture in time.    Bonzi and Bonzerelli enjoyed the outing on the lease as they always do.  Here are a few shots of the spring thaw on the lease.  Today is a much cooler day, with no sun, so she's glad she got the pictures yesterday.  She hopes you enjoy them.  She wishes you an enjoyable spring weekend!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tulips And Bunnies!

Redbush had a busy Easter weekend even though she was chasing a cold.  She  entered Bonzi in a Caro obedience competition.  At first she thought the competition was only on Sat. , but realized that it was on Easter Sunday as well.  Bonzi showed his best side, winning a first, and a second, and a High In Trial.  Redbush and Bonzi were doing the WAHOOOO together with Bonzi doing his usual, "I'll jump up and you catch me,"-( all 86 pounds of him) routine, wagging his tail wildly.  When he hears that word, he knows the exercise is done, and he's been a good boy and he can act foolish.   Now he has a few more ribbons to sport.  Redbush decided to support the local Parkinson's Association and thought the tulips were pretty, so, bought a pot.  After all, she can plant them in her perennial garden when they are done blooming.  In their appreciation for all the attention she gives them, Bonzi and Bonzerelli shopped for a card for Redbush, but must have been mostly attracted to the front cover,although she knows they do have a sense of humor!  After all, what dogs wouldn't be attracted to two cute bunnies?!  They must not have read the inside of the card, but, Redbush is still hooting about that.  She knows that it was the thought that counted.  The card reads:
And H--n-y
You're my kinda love-bunny!
Lots Of Love,
Bonzerelli and Bonzi.
She hopes everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Perspective

Creating artworks is a little like viewing people and their personalities.  Redbush has been around many different people of whom are not necessarily alike, just as her artworks have different mediums, and perspectives.  She chooses to draw on certain aspects of a photograph to create what details she feels are pleasing to her and leave out those that are not, just as she can choose to welcome people who make her feel good about herself. and ignore those who don't.  If a photograph is almost without color, she can choose to decide on what colors she feels would bring out the details  in her artwork, to show a different perspective of the photo. Just as with certain people who may want to fade into the background, she finds certain attributes in them that are  special.  She is constantly  searching her photos to find a new perspective of how she can portray the colors, light, ruggedness, calmness, and reflections to give her artworks personality.  Redbush is still fighting the flu and chest cold, but, is sure that it will be gone soon. The following is a photograph and a painting of a special place on the lease that she  and her family visits often.  She hopes this finds you healthy and happy, and that you have a Happy Easter!   Do you have a perspective on life?  What is your perspective?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feeling Yukky!

Along with the great signs of spring, Redbush knows that the flu bugs are in the air.  The last few days, she has felt the brunt of them.  Although she has always taken her vitamins morning and night, she hasn't been able to fend off the common cold, and feeling achy all over.  She always takes extra vitamin c when she feels a cold coming on, but, this time she caught it anyway.  She hasn't been feeling this way for too long to remember.  She is hoping that it will only last a few days so she has enough energy to do something productive.  She enjoyed watching the geese coming back to her area, the warm sun beating down and hopes that these are  some of the spring  signs that are here to stay.  She hopes everyone is having great weather where they are at with no flu bugs latching on to them.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Proud Moments

Yeaaaaah!  We're back and it's like spring out there with Bonzi soaking up the sun lying  on his straw pillow on the deck.  Redbush and Bonzi have been at an obedience competition, so have been gone part of last week and this.  She is very proud of her shepherd and how he did.  He scored quite highly on two of the days, so he almost finished all of his legs in rally novice.  On the third day, he scored high, but his mistress got him non-qualified because through her nervousness, she did a couple of the stations incorrectly, embarrassing herself and of course Mr. Redbush, who wanted to hide under the chair by ringside.  Redbush is sure that Bonzi was probably embarrassed, and disappointed because he knew his stuff.  So, on to the competition at the end of June to get him his last leg, and to hopefully go on to advanced as long as Redbush can keep herself calm and collected!  
Before Redbush left for the competition, she worked up to t
he last minute to get her painting done for the contest, so, she will share the photo again, and some steps in starting her painting, along with the finished product that she entered.  She will also share a picture of Bonzi and Bonzerelli being spoiled in the hotel room that she stayed at.  She wasn't going to let Bonzi up on the bed, as he isn't allowed any further than the mat at the back door when he comes in to relax at her house.  She decided that seeing as they were clean and bathed that she would spoil them, and especially Bonzi seeing as he did so well.  Redbush hopes you enjoy the pictures!