Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Perennials

Redbush picked out some new perennials at her local nurseries to be planted in her flowerbeds.  After planting them, she couldn't tell what the names of some of the plants were.   She will share a few pictures of some that she thinks she knows the names of.  The first picture is "lamium" -supposedly a deer-proof plant, and the next pictures are "bitterroot."  Bitterroot is  apparently the official state flower of Montana, and it is illegal to did plants from the wild there.  She only found this out after she researched the plant.  It apparently goes dormant after flowering, and will totally disappear from the garden, so she will have to mark their spot so they don't get weeded out!   It is considered a collector's plant.  Redbush didn't plant these for any of the above reasons.  She only planted them because they are supposed to be shorter plants, are good ground covers and have nice blooms.  She hopes that she has luck with them coming up every year. Redbush and Bonzi are off to another obedience competition this weekend.  Wish them luck!  She won't be back until next week.  She hopes you have a great weekend!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Antiques Restored

Redbush had the community museum  view and rescue some of the antiques to be represented  in memory of her parents and grandparents.  The following buggy and democrat were built in the late 1800's.  She is posting before and after pictures of both items.   She hopes you enjoy the changes and are having a great Monday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Good Advice!

 Redbush posted photos of her frozen tomato plants on her last blog.  Look what good advice from her blogger friends did for Redbush's frozen tomato plants! 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Precious Plants

As Redbush is a plant fanatic, she will share some photos of plants that she believes she has saved from frost damage, and some that don't look like they're going to make it.  As she said in a previous blog, she has been getting up at ungodly hours in the middle of the night to water them so the frost wouldn't damage them.  Most of her hundreds of plants seem to have survived, however some tomato plants, some dahlias and marigolds didn't do so well.  Do you think she should let those tomatoes grow, and that they may still do something, or should she just count them amongst the other dead plants? What's your opinion?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weather-Water Watch Woes

Redbush apologizes once more for not being in the blogworld in the past few days!  She has been experiencing weather woes, and water woes.  She has had her bedding plants out now for some three weeks, or so, and it seems ever since then, she has been experiencing freezing temperatures.  To save her bedding plants, (some $500. worth) she has been getting up to water the plants around 3:00 a.m. (yawn,yawn)  Bonzi gives her the, "Are you nuts, or do you just have your times mixed up?  It's bedtime yet?'-look.  She has had to do this regularly for the past 7 days, and has managed to save most of her plants, but, have lost some of her cucumber, tomato, and marigold plants.  Damn weather!  Summer will be over before we know it!   Redbush and family have also been experiencing well water problems.  The company came to put in a pressure tank to see if that might save them from having to drill another well.  The tanks worked well until this morning.  Redbush just happened to be downstairs in the vicinity of where the tank is located when she thought she heard loud water rushing.  She ambled into the laundry room where the tank is located and saw water gushing everywhere from one of the connections which had burst!  The tank holds 180 gallons of water.  She raced out the basement garage door screaming Mr. Redbush's name. He came running from way out on the acreage as he was watering the garden, yelling at  her to turn off the well. Needless to say, Redbush had to do a lot of soaking up water with towels while Mr. Redbush ran out to get the sump pump to hook it up so that it would pump outside, not all over the downstairs rug.   A man from the water-well company came back to fix the connections, and am sure was happy that Redbush had caught it before 180 gallons  soaked the entire downstairs area!  She hopes that the saying, "Things happen in threes" is true because she lost her watch somewhere in town on Friday.  She knows where she lost it, but the manager won't be there until Wed. and it may be locked up in her office.  It will all depend on whether the janitor was honest enough to turn it in.  Redbush hasn't had much luck lately, so, isn't holding her breath.   She knew she should have gotten that clasp fixed!    She knows things could be worse, but, hopes this is the end of her bad luck!   She hopes you are all having better luck than she is.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bonzi's Bathing Blues

Bonzi loves his baths.  In the summer, Redbush takes him out on her lawn, and uses  numerous pails of water to bathe him while he enjoys being lathered with soap, then scrubbed, in between intervals of  soaking Redbush whenever he can sneak in a huge shake.  She will video this summer bathing episode when she gets a chance.  Redbush has another video of Bonzi's bath at the local "Suds and Tubs" last winter.  He usually sings in this case.  We're not sure whether he enjoys it, or whether he's hating the metal under his feet, or just because he's getting sprayed in choice areas.  Hope you can see and  enjoy the video!  Have a great rest of the week! 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Well?-Robins' New Home

In the past week, Redbush has been busy preparing her yard for Mr. Redbush's birthday party on the weekend.  She had to do the much needed trimming, grass cutting, and weeding.  On Friday when she thought she had the major part of the preparing done, her water well ceased to produce water.  Her dilemma now was, should she cancel the party, or carry on letting everyone use the bathroom in her holiday trailer, or the bush behind her acreage!  The water well people said that they couldn't come to have a look at things until the morning of the party.  After being told that it definitely wasn't the pump, the scenario about having to drill another well devastated  Redbush and Mr. Redbush.  They had just gotten done getting a huge bill for the  siding being redone on their house.  It wasn't going to be a very cheerful birthday party on the Redbushs' family's behalf.  Upon checking more closely the well man told the Redbushs that they only needed a new pressure switch.  Wheeeeeeew!  What a relief!  Hopefully the bill for repairing the switch will be minimal compared to a new well!  Redbush and Mr. Redbush wouldn't smell afterall!     The party went on as planned, and although the winds were in gail-force, she believes everyone had a good time eating a meal Redbush had prepared,drinking their favorite beverage (beer), and playing hillbilly golf.  On a different subject, two  weeks or so ago, Redbush noticed that eggs had been scattered on the ground from a robin's nest near one of her spruce trees.  A week later, she noticed that probably the same robins started constructing a nest under the eve of her shed.  Redbush has a tomato hotbed on the ground below, and lately the robins have become very upset at her when she attempts to water her hotbed.  Today it seems Ms. Robin has become used to Redbush and Bonzi wandering around beneath her nest and has stayed put sitting on, and  guarding her eggs.  Redbush is apologizing for not dropping by on the blog world in the past while.  She has posted a few pictures of the robins' family's new home.  She hopes everyone has a great weather week!