Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Perennials

Redbush picked out some new perennials at her local nurseries to be planted in her flowerbeds.  After planting them, she couldn't tell what the names of some of the plants were.   She will share a few pictures of some that she thinks she knows the names of.  The first picture is "lamium" -supposedly a deer-proof plant, and the next pictures are "bitterroot."  Bitterroot is  apparently the official state flower of Montana, and it is illegal to did plants from the wild there.  She only found this out after she researched the plant.  It apparently goes dormant after flowering, and will totally disappear from the garden, so she will have to mark their spot so they don't get weeded out!   It is considered a collector's plant.  Redbush didn't plant these for any of the above reasons.  She only planted them because they are supposed to be shorter plants, are good ground covers and have nice blooms.  She hopes that she has luck with them coming up every year. Redbush and Bonzi are off to another obedience competition this weekend.  Wish them luck!  She won't be back until next week.  She hopes you have a great weekend!


the Bag Lady said...

Good luck at the competition!

The bitterroot is gorgeous! I don't blame you for wanting to mark the spot so you don't accidentally get rid of it next spring!

Leah J. Utas said...

I had no clue liberating plants from Montana was illegal.
We bought a variety of bitterroot in Kamloops a few years ago. It is a pretty plant.

solarity said...

Very nice plants. I'm still on crutches so the whole garden thing is on hold and I'm jealous.

Good luck to you and Bonzi. Stony is boarding while I'm on crutches, so I'm jealous there, too.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Redbush said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're still on crutches, but, I know that healing process can take some time. Hope it's quicker than you thought. Thanks for stopping! Bonzi always does quite well. It's his nervous-wreck handler that screws him up! Hehe! I really do it for Bonzi because of the socializing aspect, and for just getting him into proper training issues to keep him being a good boy. I would really have a difficult time leaving either of them at anyone's place, especially the old boy. I'm far too attached!

Redbush said...

Thanks, Bag Lady! Because of all the new perennials I bought this year, I had better know what is specific about them, or, they may not show up next year! I'm hoping Bonzi does well, too. He always does! It's just me!

Redbush said...

I had no clue either, Leah, but just recently read about it in one of my plant books. I really like the flowers and the height of this bitterroot. I didn't know that there were a lot of different kinds. Thanks for your info!