Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lovin' It!

The weather in Redbush's world has been absolutely balmy and phenomenal!  She and her family are lovin' it!  They are also celebrating the fact that they have some wood for next winter inspired by the neighbour  and her husband.  Redbush has been chopping, and piling, chopping and piling, until her biceps, or should she say the absence of, have been feeling the pain.  Actually she is realizing pain in her lower calves as well.  She didn't figure she had actually used those muscles.  This pain comes in spite of the fact that Redbush really does attempt to do the treadmill and some various other dreaded exercises most mornings.  Her buddies Beatle and Fonzi are the supervisors of the wood chopping and piling events, so, you know how much they contribute.  She is lovin' the fact that the original woodpile is now a chopped pile, until of course they get more.  She hopes the latter isn't for a while.  Redbush has added some photos of the above as well as a  valentine painting for you.  She wishes all her bloggers a belated Happy Valentines Day!