Thursday, September 29, 2011

Farwell To Bonzi

Redbush hasn't had a very happy spring and summer.   Bonzi was getting more and more ill.   She knew that it was only a matter of time when he would no longer be with her and her family.  He had developed a number of health issues within the last three years, one of them being severe seizures.  Medicating him helped but it wasn't a cure.    Beatle and Redbush's family miss him badly as there is now an empty spot in their lives.  The night before he passed away, Redbush took some pictures of him, including his last quad ride to one of his favourite spots.  She and her family had to say their goodbyes to him on August 22.  She knows that he is no longer sufferering which is a good thing.  Redbush hopes you all had a great spring and summer.  She apologizes that this blog wasn't a cheery one.