Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reminiscent Sketches

Redbush is still reminiscing over her experiences with baby bald this summer. She hopes to sketch and paint the youngster sometime in the future. She is still kicking herself for not having her camera handy when each of the parents arrived to give him food later on when they were camped there. Redbush's camera skills leave a lot to be desired, thus, a lot of her pictures were done on a zoom-in, and are a little fuzzy. Drat! She has some that were just taken as is, so, will hopefully use those as references. Quite a few years back, she did do a sketch of a mature bald eagle from a lake where they were camped. She will share this sketch and more pictures of the baby from this summer. She hopes everyone has a great weekend and wonderful weather this mid- November!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Warm November

Redbush is celebrating the fact that November has come in like a lamb, and hopes it stays like this for a long time. She hasn't been blogging for a lack of a subject, the only one being " raking leaves". It seems since September, the leaves just keep on falling. Some of her willows still have leaves on them. She has had to rake them to pick up all the branches that have fallen as well. The neighbour's huge poplars have been a thorn in her side for quite some time. She and Mr. Redbush have spent weeks raking these leaves and hauling them away. Redbush, however, has also tried to make some time to work on her art for an up and coming art show. Between picking up leaves, and getting rid of them, she has attempted to finish a new art piece for the show. She appologizes for her poorly taken snapshots of it. She hopes you are all enjoying a great November!