Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Noses

Redbush has a Christmas stocking for her dogs. Beatle loves to grab it occasionally and tussle it about. I'm sure he just loves the fuzzy feel of it, but, on the other hand, he may be checking it out early. She tries to get him to leave it alone because he has torn the noses off most of his other stuffed toys. Noses seem to be the things that Bonzi and him don't think belong. Bonzi tore the noses off a few stuffed toys, and now there is one fox terrier that doesn't have a nose. Redbush hopes all of you are ready for Christmas. She isn't. Redbush has been having problems with her blog site lately, especially loading images. She hopes that the pictures will load this time. She hopes you are all enjoying the month of December!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Who's The Slave?!

Redbush doesn't have an over amount of snow at this point in the winter season, and that makes her happy. The temperatures have been a bit cooler lately, but she knows they could be a lot colder. Even with the five or so inches that has fallen, Redbush still shovels so that she doesn't have so much to remove at one time. If she doesn't remove the snow, Beatle's feet collect every ice particle and are three feet wide when he comes in the house. Although Mr. Redbush would like to help, he has a problem with his lungs, so, Redbush knows that the shovelling has to be done by her. She has some 800 feet of dog trails to shovel, then has to clear the deck and walkways to the back door, and garage. Bonzi and Beatle are reaping the benefits of this frolicing and wrestling their way in front, or behind Redbush as she is shovelling. They tussle with their ball tripping up Redbush, begging her to throw it for them, making her job twice as long. Bonzi barks and tries to catch every shovelful of snow off the deck when Redbush throws it off. They don't build dog shovels, do they? Too bad all this wasted energy can't be harnessed. He! Redbush is sharing a few photos of her work and her lazy buddies. She hopes everyone is having a fantastic December!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grosbeak Mystery

The days have been warmer lately, so Redbush is happy that it's seeming to make winter a little shorter. She doesn't understand, however, why her regular visitors, the pine grosbeaks have not been back like they usually are at this time of year. Mr. Redbush feeds them their usual striped sunflower seeds, and fat balls mixed with seeds. Redbush's sister has had a busy schedule in her life lately, so, Redbush made a birthday dinner for her a week early. Her sister enjoyed her visit and the meal. You can tell Redbush is at a lack for something to blog about. She has kept all the jobs that she needs to do on hold. She has decided that she should blog instead because she hasn't kept in touch for a while. She hopes you are having an eventful week. She is sharing some photos of birds from last winter, and a few of the recent dinner.