Friday, January 14, 2011


Redbush has felt like a hermit lately, wanting to stay in from the deep freeze temperatures. It was -40 degrees this a.m. with the wind chill. These cold temps have been holding on for the past quite a few days. Beatle didn't seem to get it,though, wanting to do his usual sniffing, but, both Bonzi and he were trying to decide which paws to hold up all at once . Redbush took a few photos of the weather, and a warmer one of this summers fire pit when they were camping, just to try to warm up her day, and her blog. There are birds in a few of her photos, but, they didn't allow her to get close enough to get a good snap! She intends to attempt a painting of the hot logs at some point when she gets the inspiration. She hopes all of you are staying warm, and having a great January!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blueberry Cheer!

Redbush has been pulling a blog bland (blank) lately. She can't seem to get her imagination working to create a blog that might be slightly interesting to her fellow bloggers. She has been under the weather since just before the new year. She now thinks that she jinxed herself by telling everyone that she can't remember the last time she had any kind of bug. So much for getting the flu shot! Every year lately she gets a flu shot because her husband tends to catch pneumonia easily, so, to avoid spreading any bugs his way, his doctor recommended that she have a shot along with him. Every health article and magazine Redbush has read, blueberries are mentioned as being an excellent source of vitamins and an anti-oxydent. They are actually one of her favourites to eat as well as a favourite subject to paint. The painting that she created a few years back now was exhibited in a dream home here in her town, and was showcased on a bar in the basement of the house. She was lucky enough to sell it. Redbush is offering up a toast to all her bloggers with her blueberries, and hopes everyone has a prosperous, and happy 2011!