Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Buddy

Redbush's summer has been a busy one.  She and her hubby started out cleaning up her parents' estate land which took a piece out of July.  It seemed that July flew by.  Meeting  with sisters and brothers was great.  Redbush found that with estate business, including selling of land, moving machinery, etc., August came to fast, and by mid- August, she wondered where all the time had gone.  Redbush and family have had a tough end to the summer.  They had to put their little buddy Bonzerelli down on August 12th  due to him starting to experience  liver failure and some tumors. It was the toughest thing they have had to do, but, they knew that they couldn't put him through a lot of suffering and pain.   Their house is like an empty tunnel without him, and Bonzi who comes in on the mat is still not himself as he continues to still look for him at times.  At the same time Redbush's family has been handed a health problem that her family wasn't expecting.  But, the doctor says with treatments,  Mr. Redbush should be fine, so, that's good news.   Her sister's husband has been as of a few days ago, however, diagnosed with a very serious diagnosis, so, Redbush knows that the beginning of fall is going to be a tough one because she's not good with knowing how to handle these types of traumatic situations.  She has really been dragging her heels on blogging because all her time and emotions has been taken in knowing how to deal with these last two situations lately.   She hopes all of you have  had a much happier, and healthier summer.  She will try to have a much more cheerful blog the next time.   She will leave you with a photo of Bonzi and Bonzerelli.