Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother Nature's Tongue!

On Redbush's last blog she complained about the weather being too dry, and hot. She believes mother nature has sought vengeance again her and has given her really something to complain about. The last three days have been wintery with lots of wet snow, and below freezing temperatures. Many of her poplar trees have broken limbs from the heavy, wet snowfall. Redbush has had to take her plants into the garage, so, the garage countertops are covered. She has to make sure they are up high enough so Beatle doesn't eat the occasional pansy, geranium, or begonia. Redbush is happy that she didn't decide to plant her bedding plants until it warmed up more. She isn't complaining about the added moisture,though. In fact she is celebrating that the weather has decided to give her all this moisture. Now all the water tanks in the yard are full, so it will make watering the plants much less a worry. She is hoping tomorrow will make it warm enough to let her plants enjoy the sunlight again. The little guy in the first photo ( a rose-breasted grosbeak) and some of his like buddies have been visiting her bird feeder lots lately. I'm sure he's hoping for the same. She hopes all of you are having a great long weekend, and making the best of the snow. Here's wishing you a fabulous week ahead. She will leave you with some photos she took of mother nature's recent weather attack on her yard.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring Clean-up and Planting

Redbush has been busy in the past few weeks cleaning leaves, hauling them away, and chopping branches. She and Mr. Redbush didn't realize how much they had accumulated in the years until they started hauling away stuff to the dump. It took a few loads on the big trailer, and they can now see their backyard again, but with every load they notice more. Redbush and Mr. Redbush finally planted their garden, just in time before last night's rain. The rain was much needed after the long dry spell they've had. Redbush has picked some bedding plants for planting, but, with the cool nights may still wait a while before she tackles that. She of course always goes overboard on the flower pots, and beds. She has left you with some shots of what she will be planting. She has to pick plants that thrips don't particularly like seeing as they come back to her place every year. She wonders what your favourites are. All of you have a great rest of the week and weekend!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Annoying Alarm Clocks

Redbush has experienced some cool weather in the past few days. She has been freezing her fingers helping Mr. Redbush put up chicken wire fencing over her page wire so that Beatle can't squeeze his body through the page wire holes anymore. It's amazing what he can accomplish when she takes her eyes off him for one second! Beatle has become an effective, or not effective alarm clock for her household, depending on how you look at it. He wakes Redbush up at the crack of daylight (hell). When he doesn't wake her up with his whimpering, Woody the woodpecker has become an even an earlier alarm, only his is much louder. Redbush awakes at around 5:oo a.m. to vigorous loud pecking on her metal drainpipe just above her bedroom window. Apparently, Redbush has been told he is attempting to attract a mate. This has been taking place for some time now, so, she hopes that the females don't keep playing hard to get. What males won't do for attention! This does not please her, but, it pleases Mr. Redbush even less. She's posted a picture of Woody in the winter because he's been dodging her snapshots as of late. She has also posted a recent picture of Beatle and Bonzi as they continue to bond. She hopes everyone has had a great week, and cheers to a weekend that is full of warmth and sunlight!