Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blog Time Finally!

Redbush hasn't been doing any blogging.   It seemed like one day ran into another and here she is 5 months later.  She has been occupied doing most everything, and on most days, just being lazy.  She feels that she is missing a lot of the news, opinions, and her blog friendships.  Here's hoping that she can keep a little more up with the blog world.  Redbush and family certainly haven't missed having a break from the snowfall lately as she and Mr. Redbush are sick of shovelling the white stuff.  Fonzi and Beatle are keeping the household and yard in tow, Fonzi enjoying the huge snowdrifts much more than Beatle who gets totally immersed when striking across where no path has been made.  The Redbush family have been frequented by a few cow moose and their calves as well as deer.  The theory is that they are coming for the feed in her yard, mainly willow trees for the moose, and bird feed dropped by the birds for the deer.  Fonzi had a face-to-face with a cow moose, and is lucky to still be here to bark about it.   Consequently, when Redbush ventures out to walk the two of them, she first has to check the yard with her million candle power flashlight to see if they have entered her yard for the night.  She has posted  some pictures of her last 5 months, but, notices the first one shows Fonzi when he was but a babe - OOPS!   She hopes that she can keep up with her blogging, and wishes everyone a happy 2013.