Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grandpa's Place

Redbush is feeling a little sad. This house was built by her grandpa in the early 1900's. Because the estate land was up for sale, this is one of the quarters that sold. She wished that the house could have been preserved at the local museum, however, because of the short logs, going long-wise, alternating with cross-wise logs, movers thought that it would have taken a lot to get it there without it falling apart. The logs are held together with mud. They wouldn't touch it, and it would have been too expensive a project. Her grandfather was a great carpenter. The door still closes and latches almost like it did when it was built. The house hasn't sagged any either, and the windows can be moved open and shut just like they were new. Redbush still liked to visit it from time to time. She hopes that the new owners will preserve it, but, that isn't too likely to happen. She is now heading out to do another back-breaking day of raking leaves and hauling them away. She has to get this done before the weather gets nasty again. She hopes all of you have a great week.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Bugs

Redbush has caught a spring bug in the past few days, and hopes it subsides soon. She has just been bragging about how long it has been since she was ill. Now that the weather is up in its 20's, she feels like crap. It's Murphy's Law! She has developed a stomach flu with all the symptoms that go with it. She will leave you with another picture of flowers that she hoped would come up in her yard every spring. This crocus picture was taken a few springs ago. For some reason they haven't come up again since then. Redbush believes that some bug was eating their bulbs. She hopes this leaves everyone feeling happy and healthy. Happy weekend!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Yearning For Crocuses

Redbush is looking forward to seeing one of her favourite flowers when spring finally comes. Usually these are one of the signs that spring is here. The Canada geese have been back for some time, so, maybe she'll see crocuses peeking out soon. The following picture is from years past as hardly a year goes by that she isn't heading to the crocus patch to take pictures. The weather here has been fantastic, although quite a cold wind today. Redbush is happy that the nasty blizzard that hit the Calgary country and down east by-passed here. She has been kept busy with some spring clean-up like raking leaves, but, has a long way to go. Beatle is finding his legs as Bonzi and he play tug-of-war for hours on end. Too bad they couldn't utilize some of that energy in helping Redbush clean up! She hopes everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tasmanian Devil

Bonzi was in a competition this past weekend and got one leg of his Advanced Rally. The family was proud of him. On the way home, Redbush's family acquired a new family member. She knows, as does the entire family, that he won't take the place of Bonzerelli. He definitely has his own personality. Bonzi hasn't quite decided why Redbush brought him to their household. At times Redbush is sure that Bonzi wishes that she would take him back to his mother, however, seems to be getting more and more accepting, and attached to him as the days go by. Beatle, no, not Beetle is giving the whole family a run for their money. He has more energy than all of Redbush's other dogs put together, and the Redbush family is wondering what they have gotten themselves into! He has already shown Bonzi that he can rip toys away from him, but Redbush is sure that Bonzi won't always let this happen. When he is put in his kennel for bed, he lets everyone know that he is not too happy with this idea. He ends up giving Redbush, without exaggeration about 3-4 hours sleep tops even though she has put a ticking clock by his kennel plus a stuffed toy his size. Mr. Redbush manages to sleep through some of his top- end vocals, but Redbush is can't believe how he can. She is not sure whether his voice resembles Paul, Ringo, or maybe Tiny Tim or Michael Jackson. At any rate, Redbush would prefer the vocals to be daytime rather than the dead of night! She knows that he must miss his litter mates. She hears from the breeder that his brother is vocalizing in his kennel as well, although, apparently his brother does settle after a bit. She unfortunately can't say the same for Beatle. Redbush is lucky enough to have the strong- willed brother! After three nights in a row she hopes that the longing for his blood relatives will subside at least a little, otherwise she may have to make her bed in the garage with Bonzi. She also realizes that maybe some of it is his teething. Beatle on the good side is very affectionate and really loves to wash faces, and cuddle. Redbush can now identify some with the trials and tribulations of new motherhood and is finding that babies can make life interesting! She is wishing everyone a great weekend and a very Happy Easter!