Monday, April 27, 2009

Transplanting Tulips

The weather in Redbush's world continues to be in the miserable department.  I'ts been snowing now for the past three days, and is becoming a depressing scenario.  She promises not to bring this up a lot in the future because she's sure you are all sick of hearing the same rant over and over!  
Redbush wonders if you have any tips for her in transplanting a tulip pot that has quit blooming.  She wants to put it out in her perennial bed, and wonders if there is anything special that she should do with it before she transplants it.  She knows that the best time to plant the bulbs is in the fall, but, this happens to be spring, and she wanted to save them.  She had shown you a picture a week, or two ago that showed them blooming. Right now the ground is frozen, so, she knows she won't be able to put them in the ground for probably weeks yet.  She is afraid to clean the perennial beds  from all the dead growth because she is afraid that the bulbs that are peaking through will freeze back and die.   She hopes she hasn't bored you too much with this.  Thanks in advance for your expert opinions.   She has posted pictures of what some of her trees looked like in the past few days, and a photo of her tulip pot. 


the Bag Lady said...

From everything I've read (and tried), it's next to impossible to save forced tulips and get them to bloom in the garden.
Here's an article I found regarding this subject:

Maybe it'll help.

solarity said...

None of my relatives are much for tulips, but my grandmother would stick anything in the ground and get it to grow. Just don't expect a forced bulb to bloom the next year; maybe the year after. (Works for daffodils, but not much kills daffodils.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Redbush said...

Thanks, Bag Lady! I'll have to look it up. Unfortunately I have never had a green thumb like my mom! I have tried to get a lot of plants to bloom, and then am wondering what I did wrong! Have a great day!

Redbush said...

Solarity, thanks for your input! it seemed like my mother could do the same as your grandmother. I can't even get my irises to bloom. My crocuses don't come up regularly either! Oh, woe is me! Maybe I need a gardening course because I am determined that things will grow!

Hilary said...

I know nothing about transplanting but that wagon is awesome.. even if the snow is not!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Oh dear, still no sign of spring? That snow looks very pretty, but still, you must be ready for some nicer weather!