Monday, March 9, 2009


Redbush is ecstatic that the Bag Lady just happened to pick her favourite letter!  She is now going to attempt to narrow down 10 things that she likes that begin with the letter"G."  It just so happens that she can think of quite a few, but she will try to draw out the top 10.  So here are Redbush's 10 favorite things that begin with the letter "G."
1.  Green trees are  Redbush's favorite plants, not just because they indicate summer, but, because she uses them a lot for references in her artworks.   She likes anything green, of course, except cheese and meat!
2.  Gardening is Redbush's favorite spring and summer
activity especially flower gardening.
3.  Geraniums, gentians, and gladioli are some of the flowers that she grows.
4.  Grosbeaks, evening and pine, are at the top of the list of her
 favorite birds that visit her feeder winter and summer.  Redbush loves to drink her coffee in the morning watching them on the deck.
5.  Garlic, ginger are spices that she uses a lot  and she enjoys  anything grilled, especially steak.
6.  Golfing is an activity that Redbush enjoys in the summer, even though she isn't good at it.
7.  Gold comes to mind, and although she doesn't have any, a little would be nice, maybe one, or two bricks.
8.  Golden eagle, is a gorgeous  bird that flew up in front of
 Redbush when visiting one of her mom's estate properties on the river bank.
9.  Generosity is an attribute that Redbush admires in her close friends.
10. Gouda is one of her favorite cheeses.


the Bag Lady said...

Great list, Redbush!! Green trees are amongst my favourites, too!! Can hardly wait for spring to get here so we can go to the lease and see some green trees!

solarity said...

Go, Green! Get here! (but not before I do the garden prep I've been putting off to work on more moving chores.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Redbush said...

Thanks, Bag Lady! I'm yearning for spring, too, where I can get more green tree pictures, and other green plant pictures. I've tried to load a couple of pictures that I use for artworks. I'm looking forward to taking more pictures of green trees on the lease, too!

Redbush said...

For sure, Solarity! You got it! Get here. I agree! It will be a while before I can prep my gardens as it is -42 degrees here this a.m.! It's da-- cold! We're in a deep freeze! Even Bonzi wants to spend all his time in on our mat by the door. I don't blame him. I've tried to load a few green pictures that I didn't have done yesterday.

Missicat said...

That is a "G"reat letter!! A gold brick or two would be lovely!

Leah J. Utas said...

Oh for the fresh green of spring.
Excellent list, spices, birds, and food. Yum.

Redbush said...

Got gouda cravings now! Thanks Missicat! I don't think those gold bricks will be coming anytime soon, but, we can always dream!

Redbush said...

Thanks, Leah! Green gardens, can't come soon enough! I'm waiting for the first bulb to peak through all that snow, but, I know that will be a while!

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