Friday, March 4, 2011

The Upside Of Snow

Redbush is apologizing for her blogging absence. One of her brothers passed away about a month ago, and she has been dealing with issues surrounding that incident since. She, however misses her fellow bloggers, so, is glad to be back again. She has decided to post some photos of her yard as of late. In the month of January, and February, the area has accumulated some 9 feet of snow. There have been a lot of choice words pass amongst her family regarding the snowfall they have had. The shovelling and snowblowing have become an everyday four -hour occurrence. However, she has learned that complaining to whomever isn't listening doesn't help, so, she is going to look to the upside of the event. Bonzi and Beatle love it, and can't get enough of rolling, chasing and snorkling through the snowbanks. The 9 feet of snow will create a lot of moisture for Redbush's plants in the spring. Even though the temperatures have been extremely cold, the bluejays, grey jays, chickadees, and nuthatches still feed at the feeders and sing their usual tunes. Redbush realizes that she could be experiencing some of the hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes that some of the other parts of her country and other countries seem to be inundated with. Snow has always been a favourite subject for Redbush's artwork. The upside of snow is that she loves the shadows, and patterns it creates, and in the spring the melting of it makes for great photo-taking. She will share some photos of her yard once again. She has been having problems uploading photos, so, she hopes that these will load.  But, once again, it doesn't look like they are going to.   Redbush hopes everyone has been enjoying the March weather so far.


Out on the prairie said...

That is major snowfall. Ours is trying to leave, and when it is gone i will miss it.

Leah J. Utas said...

Sorry to learn about your brother.
Good way to look at snow--for the moisture it'll bring.

Hilary said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Redbush. Sending best thoughts and wishing you strength.

That second image with the large wheel shadows is wonderful.

solarity said...

I'm sorry about your brother.
Snow melt ought to be interesting with that much.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Redbush said...

I can assure you, Out on the prairie that this snow won't be missed much! Thanks for stopping.

Thanks, Leah! The moisture is always a good thing seeing as we didn't have much last year.

Thanks, Hilary! I appreciate your kind thoughts. I have been having problems loading my photos, and one of them didn't show up. I hope I can solve this problem soon.

We should have quite a sloppy melt, Solarity, but, I guess you can't have one without the other. Thanks for dropping by.

the Bag Lady said...

I'm really looking forward to spring, as I'm sure you are. The dogs, of course, will have lots of snffing to do when the snow melts!

Redbush said...

Thanks Bag Lady! I wonder if it ever will, melt that is. When it does, we may have a sunami!