Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dig In!

Redbush only cooks this meat once or twice a year.  Usually her family enjoys it boiled, but, this time she tried a roasting recipe.  Most people turn their noses up at it, but then,  Redbush knows frlends of hers who don't like liver,and onions either, but she likes it.   She wonders if you can guess what it is and if you have and  unusual, or rare  foods you enjoy.  Redbush wishes you a great week and good eating!


Leah J. Utas said...

Brains? Tripe? Heart? Tongue?
No clue, but it's covered in bacon so I'd probably give it a try.
How 'bout moose nose? If I had to make a guess, and only got one, I'd go with moose nose.

Redbush said...

Leah, I like your choices! You have a great imagination, but, I guess your a writer for a reason! I'll let you know what the answer is when I get more guesses. Thanks again!

Jean Campbell said...

Is that a porcupine with a few quills left in or are those skewers? Oh, bacon held by toothpicks... oxtail?

I eat anything that everybody else is having some, but don't do much game/exotic cooking. When I was a child we ate squab pie made with young pigeons Mama caught at the barn before they flew the nest.

solarity said...

At first glance it looked very much like the pot roast I just finished up, but then I saw the toothpicks. I can't guess.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

the Bag Lady said...

Is that heart? It looks interesting, regardless!

Hilary said...

You've cooked Sputnik?

Redbush said...

NeilJean, no, it isn't a porcupine, or oxtails, but, we do make oxtail soup. I guess it depends on what you were brought up on. The neighbors have pigeons, but, I could never imagine eating them. Thanks for stopping!

Solarity, it does look like a pot roast, but, no, it isn't. I do love pot roast, though. Thanks for the guess!

You guessed it, Bag Lady! The neighbors killed a moose, and didn't want the heart or the liver, so we took both. Leah had the same thought. You must be related. Being as I thought it was well disguised, I still couldn't stump either of you with your creative minds. Thanks for your guess!

Hilary, that's a creative thought! It does kind of look like a sputnik! Thanks for making me think outside the box!