Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby Bald Episode 2

Redbush and family managed to revisit the campsite where baby bald was left previously. They came to find the baby eagle still sitting on his block, but, no parents in view. After watching him for a whole evening, they came to the conclusion the next day that the parents weren't coming back.
The next morning he was seen arriving on the block and making h
is way halfway over to where Redbush and family were camped. Mr. Redbush decided to tak
e a package of moose hamburger out of the freezer to feed it to
him towards evening. He grabbed the hamburger in his talons, and made his way to a spot a little away from where they had given it to him. He dug into the frozen meat and ate the better of most of the pound. That evening, while eating their late supper, Redbush happened to look out their camper window to
see him flying past their unit back to his block. When Mr. Redbush ventured over around 9:oo P.M. that night, baby bald flew off into the horizon and was never seen again for the remainder of their camping trip. Redbush was happy to know that perhaps finally he had found his wings, and would survive. Redbush is having trouble loading pictures at this point because her server isn't working, but will try later. She hopes everyone is having a superb week!


David Cranmer said...

Great post and wonderful photo. My week is going well and glad yours is too.

Leah J. Utas said...

Baby bald is adorable. Glad he found his wings.

Redbush said...

Thanks, David! He was great to observe.

Leah, I couldn't believe that he was still there when we went back, but, it was great to see him leave.

the Bag Lady said...

This was a great story, with a happy ending! I hope he goes on to live a long, long life!

solarity said...

I'm so glad you got to see him again, and tell us about it.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Redbush said...

Thanks, Bag Lady! I was worried what kind of an ending it would be, but, it looks like he made it! I hope he's busy hunting fish with his parents!

I couldn't believe my eyes when he was still there, Solarity! Of course he could be a she, too! Ha!

Hilary said...

Beautiful story, Redbush. Thank you for looking out for the little guy. You're a gem!

Redbush said...

Thanks, Hilary! He will always be etched in my memory. I probably will never experience anything quite like him! It was like he was one of my pets.